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Ovivo Wellness Offers Natural Immune Boost

We now offer an olive leaf extract as a liquid food supplement. This daily regiment helps boost the immune system and energize and purify the body. Providing polyphenols known to be a part of the Mediterranean diet, Ovivo Wellness includes extracts from olive leafs and calendula flowers.

All of the active ingredients in these naturally occurring plants are preserved. The supplement neutralizes free radicals, detoxifies the body, and supports the immune system with a formula used since Egyptian times. In fact, it is able to fight bacterial, viral, and fungal infections. Also, there are no pesticides in the formula and it has been vegan approved; no harmful substances can be found.

The product is available in Ovivo Wellness stores throughout the UK and Ireland, and online. Its core component is the olive leaf, or also known as Olea europaea. As of the 1800s, this was used to treat ailments such as fever and malaria, but it was used by Egyptian royalty and related natural supplements are actually mentioned in certain ancient religious texts.

Recent scientific studies, however, show even more health benefits than previously thought. In addition to immune benefits in people and animals, the olive leaf contains cardiovascular benefits as well. The active ingredient Oleuropein protects the olive tree, its fruits, and leaves from insects and pathogens in the environment. Since the early 1900s, it has been known to have therapeutic and natural wellness effects in humans.

Other sources of oleuropein are olive fruit and oil. The leaves, however have a higher concentration and experts consider them to be a great source of phenols and antioxidants. While olive oil has some benefits, the Ovivo Wellness does not have a high fat content. Users benefit from the immune boosting properties of the extract only when they take the supplement.


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