All businesses want to work at the highest possible efficiency and productivity, where resources are used with maximum output and the work force producing the best sales possible. This will mean reduced costs and more profit, which is the main aim to grow in to a successful business. Here are some tips for improving your business efficiency and productivity...

·         Set employee targets but always make sure they are realistic and follow them up to check the progress. Always encourage employees to give them motivation to work harder, and reward any recognisable hard work.

·         Use managed document services such as ICA Digital services, which can manage all of your documentation operations such as printing, copying and scanning, your systems will be efficient, productive, cost effective and your employees will have more time for more important work.

·         Make sure the staff are trained in the correct skills and knowledge so that productivity can be at maximum. If staff are not educated to understand the systems properly, productivity will not be at its highest.

·         Machinery, equipment, devices and systems must be up to date so there are fewer errors, repairs and connection can be as quick and efficient as possible.

·         Try to make some parts of your business automated if it is possible, but without forgoing quality. This will create more man hours for employees to work on other things.


·         Prioritise tasks so the more important ones are completed before the less important ones.