Do you own a business? Thinking about using an accountant this year? Accountants are very beneficial for any business to use when it comes to keeping your records in check. When hiring an accountant to handle all your paper work it’s important to know what they will do for you. The following is a guide on what a good accountant in London will be able to do for your business.

What Will They Do For You?

·         Prepare your account’s annual statements for the year.

·         Keep your business up to date with all the relevant tax laws that are constantly changings.

·         File and complete all your business documents to the compliance level necessary and to legal standards.

·         Keep the status of your company updated in the company register of the government.

·         Maintain all up to date records on administrative personnel and directors.

·         Handle all the payroll of your business while ensuring tax codes of your employees and payments are correctly recorded.

·         Organise and record stock and share allocation including when the formation of the business occurred and when a new partner joins or when a business partner leaves.



When it comes to hiring an accountant it’s important to know what you’re going to get from them when utilising their services. An accountant in London can be a great asset for any new or old business and should be considered to ensure all your record keeping stays up to date at all times throughout the year. So are you hiring an accountant for your business?