Buying a cowboy hat for a cowboy party is a fun and authentic way to bring the perfect atmosphere to the party. But how do you know which cowboy hat really suits your face? The following is a guide on how to buy a cowboy hat for your face shape for your next cowboy party.

How To Match Your Hat To Your Face

Thin and Elongated Faces – These types of faces tend to suit a cowboy hat with a crown that’s medium in height. Your face can be exaggerated if the crown is too tall or too small.

Compact Chin – Those with a compact chin should consider hats that feature a lower crown. To help deflect away from the chin area, a tapered crown which features a forward tilt at the top is the best option.

Oval Face – For those with an oval face it’s best to start your hat search with those that feature a higher crown with a medium brim. Too lower brims may distort your face dimensions if worn.


Cowboy hats are a great way of not only complimenting your look but authenticating a cowboy party by bringing a great wild west atmosphere. Depending on the colour and style you wear will depend on whether it will suit your overall face and clothing. So when buying your cowboy hat for your next wild west party, make sure you take these face shape buying tips into consideration. So have you found the cowboy hat that you’re looking for?