Are you in the market for new bi folding doors? Not sure how much they cost? The cost of bi-folds will differ depending on where you will get your doors from. The price is also dictated by the materials they’re made from, the hardware, and any other features such as colour that comes with them. For those who are looking to work out the cost of a bi-folding door, the following is a guide to how much
bi-folds cost roughly so you can get an idea for your budget.


Bi-Fold Door Rules When Costing


·         Aluminium bi folding doors tend to be at the mid to high cost range.

·         UPVA bi-folding doors are the least expensive and are more affordable for home owners.

·         Timber bi-folds can be in the mid to high range depending on the type of timber that was used in the manufacturing process.

The number of panels will also dictate whether the doors are costly or not. Many suppliers can give you a general quote on how much a select panel door set would be. The following is a rough guide to the prices, however it’s important to remember that there may be suppliers who are higher or lower than this so it’s best to shop around.

·         3 Doors -  $2800 for a 1.5 metre opening

·         3 Doors - $3000 for a 1.9 metre opening

·         3 Doors - $3200 for a 2.1 metre opening

·         4 Doors - $4500 for a 2.9 metre opening

·         4 Doors - $5000 for a 4.1 metre opening

Height is also a factor; these prices above are generally for a 2.1-meter door. For higher doors you may need to add an extra $100 to $200 dollars to the price. Other costs that you may need to consider if applicable are retractable flyscreens and installation, unless installation is provided in the price by supplier.


Bi-folding doors may be a little more expensive than you anticipate, however with their many great benefits you can be sure your home will be better off for the installation. Not only do they look great but can increase the value of your home. So have you found your bi-folding door supplier yet?