Walnut panels
can be a great option for any woodworker to really enhance their overall woodworking project. Walnut is a straight grained hardwood which can offer different colours including yellow to chocolate brown depending on which area of the tree the wood is harvested from. Walnut is a great choice for woodworkers who want to make amazing furniture such as beds or display cabinets. The following is a guide on the pros and cons of walnut panels so you can make an informed decision.

Walnut Panels – The Pros And Cons


Strong And Durable – Because walnut is a hard wood it tends to offer higher strength than other types of woods. This is especially great if you’re looking for something durable that will last for years at a time.

Carving – Walnut when carved can bring a beautiful and intricate appearance that is great for complimenting all homes. When carved it offers beautiful textures within the wood that are like no other.


Dark And Light – In some cases those who want the one colour throughout the wood may be disappointed as some hardwood panels tend to offer light and dark shading areas which can offer a nice but sometimes unwanted appearance. It also tends to be costlier than other types of wood.



Walnut is a beautiful wood which is perfect for any woodworking application. By knowing the pros and cons you can make an informed decision on whether walnut is the right one for your needs.