Do you like the look of frameless glass doors? Want to install them in your home? Frameless glass doors can make a fabulous addition to any home. Not only do they add value, but can also bring so many other benefits along with them including more sunlight. When deciding to incorporate frameless glass doors within your home, it’s important to know where best to install them to make the most out of your installation. The following is a guide on the different places within the home you can install
frameless glass doors to enhance your overall appearance.

Frameless Glass Door Installation Areas

Patio – The first place where you can install frameless glass doors is between the patio and the interior areas of the home. Not will these doors offer more visibility to the outdoor areas but they can also provide more sunlight exposure that can warm and light up the home.

Dining – In some homes these types of doors may also be suitable between the dining room and the kitchen or outdoor areas. In installing a frameless glass door within your home you can easily create a wonderful appearance that is complimentary to all homes.



When it comes to installing a frameless glass door, it’s important to remember they can be placed in many different places. By utilising these doors as much as possible within your home you can easily make the most out of your living spaces. So have you installed your glass doors yet? 

Are you in the market for new bi folding doors? Not sure how much they cost? The cost of bi-folds will differ depending on where you will get your doors from. The price is also dictated by the materials they’re made from, the hardware, and any other features such as colour that comes with them. For those who are looking to work out the cost of a bi-folding door, the following is a guide to how much
bi-folds cost roughly so you can get an idea for your budget.


Bi-Fold Door Rules When Costing


·         Aluminium bi folding doors tend to be at the mid to high cost range.

·         UPVA bi-folding doors are the least expensive and are more affordable for home owners.

·         Timber bi-folds can be in the mid to high range depending on the type of timber that was used in the manufacturing process.

The number of panels will also dictate whether the doors are costly or not. Many suppliers can give you a general quote on how much a select panel door set would be. The following is a rough guide to the prices, however it’s important to remember that there may be suppliers who are higher or lower than this so it’s best to shop around.

·         3 Doors -  $2800 for a 1.5 metre opening

·         3 Doors - $3000 for a 1.9 metre opening

·         3 Doors - $3200 for a 2.1 metre opening

·         4 Doors - $4500 for a 2.9 metre opening

·         4 Doors - $5000 for a 4.1 metre opening

Height is also a factor; these prices above are generally for a 2.1-meter door. For higher doors you may need to add an extra $100 to $200 dollars to the price. Other costs that you may need to consider if applicable are retractable flyscreens and installation, unless installation is provided in the price by supplier.


Bi-folding doors may be a little more expensive than you anticipate, however with their many great benefits you can be sure your home will be better off for the installation. Not only do they look great but can increase the value of your home. So have you found your bi-folding door supplier yet?



Buying a cowboy hat for a cowboy party is a fun and authentic way to bring the perfect atmosphere to the party. But how do you know which cowboy hat really suits your face? The following is a guide on how to buy a cowboy hat for your face shape for your next cowboy party.

How To Match Your Hat To Your Face

Thin and Elongated Faces – These types of faces tend to suit a cowboy hat with a crown that’s medium in height. Your face can be exaggerated if the crown is too tall or too small.

Compact Chin – Those with a compact chin should consider hats that feature a lower crown. To help deflect away from the chin area, a tapered crown which features a forward tilt at the top is the best option.

Oval Face – For those with an oval face it’s best to start your hat search with those that feature a higher crown with a medium brim. Too lower brims may distort your face dimensions if worn.


Cowboy hats are a great way of not only complimenting your look but authenticating a cowboy party by bringing a great wild west atmosphere. Depending on the colour and style you wear will depend on whether it will suit your overall face and clothing. So when buying your cowboy hat for your next wild west party, make sure you take these face shape buying tips into consideration. So have you found the cowboy hat that you’re looking for?



Do you own a business? Thinking about using an accountant this year? Accountants are very beneficial for any business to use when it comes to keeping your records in check. When hiring an accountant to handle all your paper work it’s important to know what they will do for you. The following is a guide on what a good accountant in London will be able to do for your business.

What Will They Do For You?

·         Prepare your account’s annual statements for the year.

·         Keep your business up to date with all the relevant tax laws that are constantly changings.

·         File and complete all your business documents to the compliance level necessary and to legal standards.

·         Keep the status of your company updated in the company register of the government.

·         Maintain all up to date records on administrative personnel and directors.

·         Handle all the payroll of your business while ensuring tax codes of your employees and payments are correctly recorded.

·         Organise and record stock and share allocation including when the formation of the business occurred and when a new partner joins or when a business partner leaves.



When it comes to hiring an accountant it’s important to know what you’re going to get from them when utilising their services. An accountant in London can be a great asset for any new or old business and should be considered to ensure all your record keeping stays up to date at all times throughout the year. So are you hiring an accountant for your business?